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Alex Jackson


With outstanding performances on A&E's "Evening at the Improv" and A&E's "Comedy on the Road", this veteran sidesplitter lights up audiences across the country igniting them with his madcap antics and no holds barred style of comedy. A Minneapolis firefighter, Jackson's sidesplitting wit and wise cracks incite any audience to doubled-over laughter, heating up the scene with an inferno of funny!


A&E’s "An Evening at the Improv"

A&E’s Comedy on the Road

Comedy Gallery The TV Show (KMSP)

Halloween Live (KMSP)


What People are Saying about Alex Jackson...

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  • "He is unbelievably funny…Alex really captures the audience’s attention by uniquely getting them involved in the show as participants. "
    - Albion College
  • "I received many compliments about your performance. Your humor appeals to a diverse audience."
    - MN Fire Safety Education Conference

Reference letters available upon request



Peat Marwick CPAs
MN Fire Safety Education Conference



Ray Charles Rick Overton
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David Allen Grier Roseanne
Kool & The Gang



Acme Comedy Co. – Minneapolis, MN Punchline – Atlanta, GA
Comedy Stop – Atlantic City, NJ River Center Comedy – San Antonio, TX
Comedy Lift – Omaha, NE Stanfords- Kansas City, MO
Hilarities – Cleveland, OH



Mankato State U. George Mason University
Albion College Normandale


Alex Jackson

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