Kier is his real name. He does some pretty incredible things with his voice. He’s very serious about writing songs, real serious about laughing, and not at all serious about ever getting a real job. This hilarious show offers a roller coaster of off-balance; up-tempo changes from stand-up comedy to Kier’s own brand of dead-on-the money impressions. When Kier steps on the stage so do Sting, Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, James Taylor, Bob Dylan, and many others. You’ve seen him on TNN and other numerous TV appearances now see him live. Let this amazing performer treat you to a night of FUN! What makes this act really special is that Kier does incredible rock impressions that audiences fine more than amazing.

.When Comic Impressionist Kier hits the stage, so do these guys:
David Bowie
Phil Collins
Bob Dylan
Billy Joel
Elton John
John Lennon
Paul McCartney
Pearl Jam
Tom Petty
James Taylor Prince
Bruce Springsteen
Waylon & Willie
Stevie Wonder


The Nashville Network


What People are Saying about Kier...

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  • "Kier performed…in front of a crowd of 850 employees of Lincoln Benefit Life/ Surety Life. His performance was fantastic! The crowd loved the combination of music and comedy and his act was appealing to ALL age groups."
    - Lincoln Benefit Life Company
  • "He was VERY funny, tasteful and had everyone in tears of laughter by the time he was through."
    - Talent +
  • "I don’t know when I’ve enjoyed an opening act as much as I did Kier."
    - Danny Hutton, Three Dog Night
  • "Kier was incredible. His show was the best I’ve seen here; the audience loved him."
    - Midwestern State University
  • "Thank you for the FANTASTIC performance…can’t remember last when we were so packed. I’m still hearing compliments."
    - Santa Clara University
  • "It was a pleasure booking a talented musician of this caliber. Kier is an experienced professional-it shows."
    - Southwestern Technical College
  • "Kier is an excellent artist who has played to standing room only crowds each time he has been on our campus. One of the best acts on the college circuit today."
    - University of California
  • "The show was excellent! I can’t remember the last time we were packed to standing room only…an incredible performance his impressions left us astounded!"
    - Christopher Newport College

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Mountain Energy

Talent +

Sara Lee Knit Products


Lincoln Benefit Life Company




Midwestern State University

University of California

Southwestern Technical College

Southern Louisiana University

Santa Clara University

Christopher Newport College

Numerous NACA Showcases

And Many Others…






Roy Orbison

Bobcat Goldthwaite

Sinbad Paul Reiser

Statler Bros. Randy Meisner

Steppenwolf Reba McEntire

Three Dog Night


"It was non-stop entertainment and laughter during his hour-long routine. His appeal was universalůspanning age, musical preference and gender."
- Katolight


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