T. Marni Vos


This Midwest native and ex-high school teacher now headlines the top comedy clubs on the national circuit. She's created a trail of laughter from the Florida Keys to the glaciers in Alaska. You may have seen her on Lifetime's "Girl's Night Out" or on "Saturday Mourn." A finalist in the San Francisco International Stand-up Comedy Competition, Marni's humor is hysterical, refreshing and clean. An incredible, laughter-packed show!


"Girls Night Out"- Lifetime

"Saturday Mourn."- PBS


What People are Saying about T. Marni Vos...

  • "Very funny!...Wonderful, I have never laughed so much!...Fantastic!...Excellent entertainer and comedian!...I had tears running down my face I laughed so hard!...What a delightful, funny woman!"
    - 3M Health Care
  • "Marni's comedy style was clean, fun, hard hitting and very entertaining.  The crowd was into the show from start to finish.  Everyone in the audience could relate with her stories and jokes in their everyday life..."
    - Girls Inc.
  • "She is a gem in the world of keynote speakers.  Her style is warm and witty, yet entirely professional.  Her comedic style on a stage, translates into hilarity on a corporate level.  To receive a standing ovation from 600 insurance agents says it all"
    - Delphi Users Advisory Group, Inc.
  • "Not only did you make us laugh but you made us think about how we respond to the events and people in our lives."
    - US West
  • "Your excellent sense of humor and your sincere display of sensitivity moved myself and all of my colleagues.  Everyone gave you rave reviews."
    - Thames, Batre` Mattei, Beville & Ison Insurance

Reference letters available upon request




Wells Fargo

3M Health Care

U.S. West Communications

Anderson Consulting

Clements and Company

Delphi Users Advisory Group


The Caper Foundation

Miami Women's Health Center

T.S.A. Net

State Farm

Phi Beta Lambda

Customer Support Consortium

Pacific Bell

Business Travel Management

Guardian Life

Lease Team

Penn Corporation

US Postal Service

Hamilton Beach

Proctor-Silex, Inc.

Hewlett Packard


Woodman of the World

Bell Atlantic

Century 21

Blue Cross / Blue Shield

Bay Area Professionals

International Business Corporation

Hilton Hotels

North Broward Hospital

Marion Health Center


Girls, Inc.




Punch Lines

Catch a Rising Star

The Comedy and Magic Club

Jokers Comedy Club



"There aren't a lot of women, in fact, whose acts are not a putdown of men; but of those few, the ones who can make me laugh out loud--people like Ellen DeGeneris and Paula Poundstone and T. Marni Vos--are better than most male comics."
– Ray Orrock, Oakland Tribune

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